Come Hang Out With A Bunch Of 
Girls Like Us! 

Come Hang Out With A Bunch Of 
Girls Like Us! 


The Money Series 


We do the same cycle every year, as we get through the holidays, we spend out so much that January comes and were looking at our pockets like OMG what happened, and we sit still for the next come up.

Has that been you before?


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 The Power Suit 

To teach and remind ladies all that they need in order to be there best selves
in business and in personal.

When you put on your suit of armor which is your Power Suit  you enhance all of your abilities that were already inside of you.

You just like to wear a bad azz suit to compliment you girl (lol)

You will learn from some amazing entrepreneurs that will teach you about all parts of a suit you need to have to become your best self !

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 Madeherselfaboss Conference  

The ultimate GirlBoss Conference ?!

Meeting new people is great and getting empowered to follow your dreams is even better, but many are still left without the fundamental tools and knowledge to actually get started in launching that product or service to consumers. That is where this workshop comes in! Not only is it jam-packed with information, but all attendees are guaranteed to be left with the resources to take home and get started immediately on their “GirlBoss” goals!

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We Need The Everyday Girl Boss Is That You?

We Want To Celebrate The Everyday Girl Boss Like You
By Showcasing Her Beauty In A Cool Way.
Powerful Women Who Are Doing Great Things!

We Choose The Color Pink Because Its Such A Feminine
Yet Powerful Color. Its Our Favorite Color. The Color
Means Youthful, Full Of Energy, And Fun.

Boss Pink 
So We Rename It Boss Pink Powerful Colorful And Full Of Life Daring And
Takes No Prisoners Those Who Wear Boss Pink Are People That Is Making Moves &
Taking Control Of The Life They Want.

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